Federal Retirement Can Be Confusing

I'm Cooper, and my mission is to help you take charge of your career and retirement!

Where To Start With Fed Retirement Planning
Depends, which best describes what you want to learn about?
FERS Retirement

Planning for retirement should begin as early as possible, yet it’s never too late.

Thrift Savings Plan

Not sure how to invest in your TSP or even what you’re investing in? Look no further!

Federal Benefits

FEGLI, Pension, Survior Annuity Plan, FEHB, the list goes on and on. Find help here!

Financial Planning

Not sure how to start an emergency fund, how to budget, or just want to learn more?

The Fed Retirement Planning Community

Tired of not understanding your benefits and finances? It’s time to take control.

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My Best Advice for Federal Employees

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How to Retire Early as a Federal Employee

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